Players in online games and Internet users often face the concept of ping. In this article, we will understand what ping is in the speed of the Internet, why it matters, how to measure and reduce it.

The concept of the word Ping and its technical meaning.

What does ping mean? Ping is common among gamers because it is a crucial factor for gameplay. In a high-ping game, there is a noticeable delay when specific commands are pressed.

Ping is the time between sending a command from your computer to a server and responding from that server, for example, between how you pressed the shot button or movement behind your main character and how you see the result of that action on the screen.

There is another meaning to the term ping. This is the name of the built-in program in Windows, which determines the time between sending the data to a specific IP address (which you can set yourself) and returning it to the computer.

What should ping in the speed of the Internet be?

For comfortable internet use for broadcasts or online games, the optimal delay should not exceed 45 milliseconds.

  • At 45 to 120 milliseconds, you can also broadcast and even play online games, but there will be some discomfort.
  • With a figure of 120 milliseconds, it is already challenging to play online games. Even using the Internet in the browser and downloading web pages will be difficult. More often than not, this high rate indicates poor connection quality and problems with the provider.
  • When checking the speed of the Internet and ping, there may be periodic loss of data packets. If this is independent of a given IP address, the problem is also in the Internet service provider.

What affects ping rates?

Ping is highly dependent on the provider providing Internet services. At an inexpensive rate can be low speed and high ping rate.

The ping can also be affected by the remoteness of the game server and the quality of its Internet connection. It may have a low-quality channel to access the global network, so when you connect many players, the quality of the connection deteriorates significantly, and the game itself begins to lag. If the server is too far away (for example, on another continent), then ping is inevitable, and even with the highest possible connection, we will feel it. In this case, it is better to go to the server that is closer to you, if possible.

How do I know my ping?

To find out your ping, you can do without any additional programs and online services. This is done through a system console. Step-by-step instructions:

  • First, open the command line through the Start menu or type the cmd command in the Run window (caused by the click of the Win-R key combination).
  • The console window will open. We enter the ping command and the address of the site to which you will send data from your computer. After the set, click on Enter.
  • The results of the ping test will appear. In this case, the minimum ping among the four checks carried out is 2 milliseconds, and the maximum is 3 milliseconds. The average is 2 milliseconds.

If you do not use the system console very conveniently, you can use online services. The check is done with just a single button, but the results may not be as accurate as when using system tools.

Our Official Speed Test

You can use our free online service to check the ping. When you open the site in the center of the screen will be a large round button, when you click on which will begin to analyze the quality of your Internet connection.

The results will be displayed. The ping value will be at the top left.

Auslogics Internet Optimizer

  1. This program is designed to minimize ping on your computer by optimizing the network settings of the system. The order of action with the program is as follows: Download from the official site and install.
  2. Run. When you first open, you’ll need to choose the speed of your Internet connection.
  3. Now we start analyzing the system by clicking on the appropriate button. At the end of the utility window, you’ll see a list of settings that can be optimized.
  4. Choose the right ones and optimize.

This mode of operation of the program is simplified, and not always this method of optimization gives at least some results and reduces the value of ping. In the utility, you can try to optimize the Internet connection manually, but without specific knowledge, it is better not to climb.

How to reduce ping?

Suppose it is a cheap Internet tariff, which provides a low-quality connection with the global network, the only way to reduce ping – to change the tariff or find another provider. It may also be that the provider provides you with a high-speed connection, but the data is delayed. This may be due to the lack of channel width. There is an option to contact the technical support provider. Perhaps they will fix it.

If you’re playing an online game and feeling a significant delay, try moving to a server that’s closer to you (if it’s in North America, for example, the delay will be in any case).

Sometimes the problem may lie in the computer itself or instead in the incorrect operation of the network board. To normalize the network adapter, do the following:

  1. Scan the system for viral activity with any convenient antivirus program (such as Dr. Web CureIt!). Viruses can use traffic, thereby clogging it up and slowing down the speed of transmitting essential data.
  2. Update the network adapter driver. This can be done through the Device Manager.
  3. Remove all traffic-expendable programs (torrents, other downloaders, etc.).
  4. If you use the Internet via a Wi-Fi router, check how many devices connect to the same hotspot. If you play an online game, and at this time someone is watching a movie in Full-HD, using the same internet connection, it can be a reason for the decrease in the speed of the Internet and the appearance of delays in the gameplay. It is also worth making sure that strangers do not connect your router.

To reduce ping, there are some programs, one way or another, optimizing network settings of the system:

  • Leatrix Latency Fix is a free utility that can be downloaded from the official website. It reduces the processing time for data packets when transferring between PC and server.
  • NetScream optimizes modem settings to increase Internet connection speed. A user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality.
  • CfosSpeed is a program that sets the parameters for faster Internet connectivity. But before that, it will scan the system for several days.

In this article, we tried to reveal the topic of ping as much as possible. If you still have questions, then be sure to give them in the comments – our experts will try to answer any of your questions as quickly as possible.