Wi-Fi has become so popular that the presence of a router is more of a rule than an exception. But despite all the conveniences, it should be taken into account that the home Wi-Fi network is visible to others. Make sure for yourself how many connections are displayed in your home. Hardly one or two, usually their number reaches a dozen or more. Also, neighbors can see your network among other available.

But if you do not follow certain precautions, you will be able to connect to your connection. What is this fraught with? At least the loss of Internet speed. You won’t get the full speed of your communication channel if someone connects to it at your expense. But the situation is much more dangerous if your Wi-Fi is connected to an attacker who can take advantage of the transmitted data to their advantage.

In order not to be put at risk, access to your Wi-Fi must be restricted. Here’s a look at how to do this.

Internet Access For A Specific List of Devices

Step 1: What is a MAC Address, and how to find it out?

Each network device is given a special mac-address – a unique digital fingerprint. It looks like A4-DB-30-01-D9-43. For other settings, you need to know the mac address of a single device that you will provide access to Wi-Fi. How do you find him?


Option 1. Through the Network Management Center

  • Between the battery and sound icons is an internet connection icon. Click the right button – choose “Network Management and Sharing Center.”
  • «View active networks”- “Connections” line, click on the name of the connection – “Information.”
  • The “Physical Address” line will feature the laptop’s mac address.

Option 2. Via Settings (Windows 10)

  • Click Start – Settings, Network and Internet, Wi-Fi, Properties.
  • “Physical address” and is the mac address of the laptop.

Option 3. Through the command line

  • Click Win-R – Enter cmd (or Win-X – Command Line (Administrator) on Windows 8.1 and 10.
  • Type the ipconfig/all command.
  • The “Wireless Local Network Adapter. Wireless Network” in the “Physical Address” line contains the required information.


  • Settings – Wireless Networks – Wi-Fi – Menu Button – “Additional Features.”
  • The data required is in the MAC address line.


Settings – “Basic” – “About This Device” – “Address Wi-Fi.”

Once you’ve found your device ID, write it down or remember. Now let’s start the next stage – adjust through the router access to the required equipment.

Step 2: Set up the router

First, log in to the installation web interface. Use your browser to visit or Enter the login and password – admin/admin or admin/parol. These combinations work on most devices. If you don’t have access, check the information on the lower surface of the router or in the instructions to it.

The location of menu items may vary depending on the manufacturer, but the basic principles apply to all devices.

  1. In the Wi-Fi Settings section, please turn on the mac filtering because it’s initially disabled.
  2. In the MAC Filter tab, add the addresses of the devices you’re going to provide Wi-Fi access to.

Now you can use Wi-Fi only through the devices to which you have booked addresses. Attackers will not have access to your data.

Other ways to restrict access

Replacing your network and router password

If you haven’t changed your Wi-Fi password, replace it. And it is desirable to do it regularly. In network security settings, come up with a new password. It is equally important to replace both the factory password and login when installing the router. The standard combination is the easiest way to access the connection.

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Correct encryption protocol

Initially, the connection’s encryption is disabled. In the router settings, change the security protocol. We strongly recommend WPA2-PSK – it is the safest.

Invisible network

In the “Wireless Settings” section, replace the default name. Once the devices you want are connected, don’t broadcast SSID. No one else will see your network and will not be able to access it.

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We’ve listed various options on how to restrict access to your Wi-Fi network to third-party users. The best option would be to filter by mac- address. But it’s best to apply a few steps in the complex.

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