With the current high speeds of the Internet, landline, and mobile, you might be intrigued to know your internet speed. Everything is already flying – the numbers are useless to know. However, sometimes it is essential to measure the exact speed of your internet connection – before contacting the provider in case of problems, for example.

There are several ways to know the speed of the Internet and let’s talk about them.

There are many resources on the Internet that allow you to measure the speed of connection quite accurately. Unlike “artisanal” methods or manual checks, online services always use the equipment of large network providers as reference points, which guarantees a high bandwidth rate and reduces the effect of channel congestion. You’ll only see your limitations (local network, network card, router, your network with provider) and not the limitations of the servers you’re addressing.

Plus, they show all the necessary parameters at once: ping, download speed, recoil speed, server/provider, to which the request is made. And online services do not depend on the platform used. You can work at least in macOS, even on Linux distribution.

As an example, let’s give some of the most famous.

Internet Speed Free

The easiest methods is to visit our official Internet Speed Check tool. Simply visit this link and all you need is to click- TEST SPEED HERE button. Within no-time you will get your results.


Speedtest.net is the most popular online service in the world in Russia and the world. The site has a friendly, recognizable interface, allows you to choose settings before checking: date format, speed units, and server on which tests will take place. After you press the “Go” button, you’ll be connected and measured. After about a minute of waiting, you’ll get a ping in milliseconds and download/receive time. This is a great way to check the rate of the tariff provider.

Protect Stream by Google

Protect Stream by Google is a multifunctional, helpful resource that allows, among other things, to measure the speed of an Internet connection. To run the test, you need to go to the Tools section and select the Internet Speed Check. The principle is the same: you press the CHECK NOW button, expect you to get the result in download, upload, and ping numbers for both modes.

Yandex Internetometer

Internetometer is the home tool of the search engine for testing the speed of the Internet. Gives out a lot of helpful information on the system, browser, permissions, support of different technologies, etc. The principle of action is the same: clicked on the button “Test,” wait for a while, get your results.


Fast.com is a super-minimalist service that shows only the incoming speed of an Internet connection. The main feature is the complete lack of advertising. Internet Speed Tests can be made from both the desktop and the mobile device – and for smartphones and tablets under Android/iOS has its application. Fast.com works in any country. It is entirely free for everyone.