In some cases, the smartphone needs to view the password from the network to which it is connected or connected before. There are three main ways to do this. Some of them require the installation of root rights. The article does not describe how to get passwords from Wifi networks to which the phone has never connected, and do not look here for hacking tips. But if you want to access a wireless network that has been connected before, then this stuff is for you!

Method 1. Through the browser

The method helps when you forget your password if your phone is connected to the network at the moment. The root is rights are not required. Through an internet browser on your smartphone, you can go to the router settings and see the network security key in the same way as on a desktop PC or laptop. How to see your WiFi password this way:

  1. We run any Internet browser on the device (for example, Opera or Chrome).
  2. We dial the WiFi router address via phone (it can be,,,,, etc. D., the correct address is usually written on the back cover of the router).
  3. The router’s web interface will be ed logged in—standard data to log-in settings (unless they’ve changed before): admin login, admin password.
  4. After you enter, we look at the settings. To view your password, open a tab that’s connected to wireless security.

When you authorize the Wifi web menu to which the phone is connected, you can watch passwords and settings and change them. You can also use a special android app to access the router instead of a browser. But they are not produced for every model of the router.

Method 2. Third-party programs

The following programs are not needed to break access points but to remove the system passwords from wireless networks to which the smartphone has ever connected. Utilities help copy the key. This is useful because you can forget your password.

WiFi Key Recovery

Google Play has an app that makes it much easier to find the 3rd method, which requires you to search for the correct password file. Wifi Key Recovery allows you to recover passwords from this file. But it requires root rights. The only negative is that the app may not work correctly on some device models. It remains only with their own hands to get the correct code through the file manager.

WiFi Password Recovery

Wifi Password Recovery and other apps on your phone allow you to access passwords from networks that the device has previously connected to. When you click on the app icon, you’ll open their list. Clicking on the desired network will copy the code into the clipboard. Anyone who has forgotten the keys to the networks will understand how useful this function is.

WiFi Passwords

The tool is considered one of the best. The principle of work is simple: the program removes asterisks from passwords. On Android, you can’t see the router’s connection settings via your mobile phone by default, as they are encrypted. The utility makes this possible and even can restore passwords. This application also requires root rights. To install it, find WiFi Passwords in Google Play.

After downloading to see the code from a particular network, here are the following:

  1. We find the icon of the program, click.
  2. We see a list of all the networks to which the phone has connected before. Choose the right one.

The data is copied into a buffer. If you pinch your finger on a particular network, you will open a menu that allows you to send the password from the Wifi via messenger.

Method 3. Through the file system

This method should only be used if access to the network is lost. Otherwise, there are more straightforward methods of finding a password from the network. To retrieve the security key through the phone from the file system, you need the superuser’s rights (root). If you install them on the phone – it is deprived of a guarantee. There may also be malfunctions with the system up to turning into a brick, so it is worth being careful. The order of action is as follows:

  1. Download the phone from Pay Store to access files supported by the superuser rights. The most popular is ES Explorer.
  2. Root access program will open the root directory, then data/misc/wifi. It will file with information wpa_supplicant.conf.
  3. We copy it into a different directory (better on an external memory card) and open it in any text editor.

The file will list several Wifi networks to which the device has ever connected, with accompanying information (including passwords). This is how it looks in the example below. The password is listed in the psk.

Standard smartphone capabilities

There is no universal method of viewing on Android smartphones (Lg, Samsung, Asus, Honor, etc.) and iOS of the wireless key, regardless of whether your device is connected to it or not. Under some internal Google and Apple rules, all the keys to the networks that the phone memorized are recorded in a system file in a directory protected from user access. You can bypass the defense and learn the combination by installing the rights of the superuser. But the warranty on the smartphone from now on is canceled.

There is a bit of standard advice:

  • Go into the settings on your phone.
  • Open a list of wireless networks.
  • Make a long click on the desired, then it will display a window with data to connect, where you need to tick near the “show password.”

But this method is non-working because, with an active tick, the system shows the symbols introduced at the moment and not the combination that the device memorized.

If you want to know your password from an access point created directly on your phone, it’s easy to do so. For Android 9, the following instructions are up to date:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. We choose the first item, “Network and Internet.”
  3. Click on the Hotspot and Modem.
  4. The menu will open with access point settings. Here you can watch its name, encryption key and change them.

That’s it for us. If you have additional questions or difficulties, be sure to ask them in the comments – we always follow the comments and will be able to answer your query as quickly as possible.