Connecting to the network in a cableway or wired is easy, choosing the most convenient provider. After some manipulation by the company’s employees and the paid subscription fee for the service, your computer has the opportunity to go online. But what to do when it is not enough?

If you want Internet on multiple devices, you need to organize a Wi-Fi network. You can create a network using a modem, router, or network adapter with a signal-giving function. But there is also an alternative, such as installing a Wi-Fi hotspot on your computer or laptop in a programmatic way. You can send a signal to any connected devices using a Windows command line or software. The easiest way available is, of course, installing an app. The virtual router allows you to hand out a Wi-Fi signal without installing additional equipment.

Many utilities simulate a router on a computer, one of which is Virtual Router Plus. With this program, you can quickly start handing out Wi-Fi in a matter of minutes. Virtual Router Plus acts as a router, providing access to the network to absolutely any device capable of receiving a signal.

A prerequisite for building a Wi-Fi source on your computer or laptop is to have a network card and an internet connection. There will be an adapter built-in or external. It does not matter, the main thing – its presence, because it is using a network device, Virtual Router Plus simulates the router.

Virtual router plus perfectly interacts with laptops and PCs, occupying a minimum of disk space. You don’t need special knowledge or customization skills to start using the app, as with a standard router.

Benefits of Virtual Router Plus

The application has several undoubted advantages that will help to create a Wi-Fi network in the shortest possible time:

  • The program is free,
  • A simple and user-friendly interface
  • Easy to set up,
  • The opportunity to work from trey,
  • Compatibility with any device
  • Protecting devices with WPA encryption

With all its minimalism, Virtual Router Plus qualitatively copes with the task of providing all devices with the Internet within the range of the signal. Unpretentious interface and the ability allow you to customize the app to the user with any, even the minimum level of training.

Setting up Virtual Router Plus

The utility does not require installation, and it takes a minimum of time to set it up. To begin with, make sure the Internet is connected to your computer, then follow the following steps:

  • Download the necessary version of the Virtual Router Plus app from the official site (never download software from suspicious resources to avoid unpleasant surprises).
  • Remove the archive contents in the folder and run the program file with the extension of the .exe.
  • Fill out the following fields:
  1. Come up with your network name and enter it in the Network Name (SSID) box.
  2. Enter the password to connect to the following line.
  3. Shared Connection’s third paragraph implies the choice of connection.
  • The Start Virtual Router Plus button activates the app.
Virtual Router Plus Settings

The program provides an opportunity to function in a rolled-up mode. Then you’ll find it on the right at the bottom of the taskbar. To stop the virtual router from running, click on Stop Virtual Router Plus (this button will appear after the launch instead of the starter).

If your Wi-Fi devices still don’t connect, check your network card settings. Go to the Network Management and Sharing Center. Here you need to select Adapter Settings Change and open Local Connection Properties. Check out the options to allow other network users to use an internet connection and enable sharing control.

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Restart the virtual router.

If your application doesn’t work, you’ll also be sure to block it with your antivirus or system firewall. To get rid of this problem, you need to set up the antivirus to ignore virtual router plus, add the program to the list of exceptions and block its launch will stop.

Now the Internet on connected devices should work. You can add a utility to the system’s autoload menu, so you don’t run Virtual Router manually all the time.

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