Life without the Internet is impossible to imagine. And 4G does not always cope with its functions. With increased requirements, it does not work correctly. Therefore, a Wi-Fi router is used to get a stable signal. And that’s where another problem comes up! How do you choose from these devices, one that fits the quality, functionality, and cost?

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Best Wi-Fi routers Selection Criteria

The options you should rely on change depending on the purpose of use. Regardless, there are criteria by which it is easy to determine the quality of the goods:

  • Old devices only support the 3G format.
  • On high-speed tariffs, providers offer 150-300 Mbps. When you choose the speed of wireless signal transmission, first of all, rely on this option.
  • Expensive devices provide a stable connection up to 200 meters away from the router. Therefore, think in advance how far the gadgets will be located from it.
  • Standard models have LAN and WAN ports. Their availability is mandatory. Devices with advanced functionality also have a USB connector. It is used for the 4G modem.
  • The speed and quality of the connection depend on the technology of data transmission. To do this, one- and two-range devices are produced. The second speed is higher by 5 GHz, but they are more expensive. Think about what device you need based on the operator’s subscriber support.
  • See how a Wi-Fi router supports many potential devices. Naturally, it is better to take a device with a stock of several gadgets. Otherwise, you will have to spend on another device.
  • Most models have automatic settings, so you don’t have to call a wizard when installing them. These devices only need to open the program and follow its actions. Check this with the consultant when choosing the item.
  • And, finally, the devices for the give must have IPTV, if it is supposed to watch television. You don’t have to get satellite data to do this. It’s easy to go to the operator’s base station.

When choosing a router, it is also worth looking at the additional features of the device. Some routers have a remote storage function. To do this, they connect a hard drive, which stores the essential information. Also, multifunctional devices can download files from torrent trackers on them. You don’t have to use a laptop or smartphone.

For a neighbourhood connection. Even if the houses are at a great distance from each other, you can use repeater mode. So the Wi-Fi router will take the signal that is on the next device.

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Best Wi-Fi routers for Home Internet: Models review

We’ll look at the best models of routers with and without SIM cards to facilitate the task.

Keenetic Ultra

In terms of price and quality, the device is considered one of the best. The maximum speed on it reaches 2533 Mbps. The interface is convenient and straightforward so that any user can customize the router without the help of technology.

There is VPN support and a USB print server. It works steadily even when more than ten devices are connected. The signal also passes through the walls, so Keenetic is used for offices and large apartments.

Of the disadvantages, users highlight the massive dimensions of the device and weak, for such capacities, parts. If you connect at least five consumers and a hard drive, the router can heat up. The wall behind it, over time, turns yellow, so it needs to be replaced to solve the aesthetic issue.

Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router Pro

Another worthy competitor, which is also sold at a pleasant price. First, it has an aluminum body, and secondly, a USB port. And third, a straightforward interface that works through a mobile app.

Xiaomi’s software is more robust than on other devices. The router is stable, and its speed reaches 2533 Mbps.

If you don’t want to set up through a mobile app, for some reason, you’ll have problems with the installation because the interface will appear in Chinese. That’s the only downside.

Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi E5770

This device is suitable for a cottage or other remote areas. It has a built-in antenna to transmit and receive information. The battery has a capacity of 5200 mAh. So without a network connection, the device lasts more than a month.

In a local network, the transmission speed does not exceed 100 Mbps, which is considered decent. You can create a file server or send a signal from one device to another.


The router is multifunctional because it is equally suitable for an apartment building, office, or cottage. The wireless signal has a speed of 300 Mbps, and the quality of communication does not suffer. The set-up is automatic, and the back of the device has all the ports you need to work. The router has a built-in battery for battery life.

MikroTik hAP AC Lite Tower

The budget segment is considered to be the best. This company is known for the quality of devices. Because users are pleased not only with the software but also with the iron on which it stands.

This model has 4 LAN ports and one USB connector. 3G and LTE modem are also connected to the device. It works in several frequency ranges at once. Users attribute the interface to the disadvantages, but there will be no other problems if you deal with it.

TP-Link Archer C7 V5

A decent option for an apartment or office. The device fully lives up to the price. The speed at which it works reaches 1750 Mbps. There is support for 4G and a USB print server.

This device has a wide area of coverage, so it works steadily in large rooms. However, users complain about the device’s trademark surface and the presence of only one USB port.


When choosing a Wi-Fi router, it should be based on their needs and financial capabilities. After all, there is no point in overpaying for an expensive model if you do not need its functionality. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate in advance what is required of the device, where it will stand, and what opportunities it will provide. To check your internet speed you can visit here.

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